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Honor Your Parents Like Living Buddha on Father’s Day by Chang Li-ying (Burmese new immigrant)

My name is Chang Li-ying, I am from Myanmar. In Myanmar, most people are Buddhists and we honor our parents as if they are living Buddha. During important festival and holidays such as Father’s Day, we would often bow to our parents to show our gratefulness for them to have raised us. When I was living in Myanmar, I bow to my father every Father’s Day and on my father’s birthday. When I say bowing, I don’t mean a simple gesture using your hands, I mean getting down on your knees and lower your head to the floor!

When I was still a student, I would save my allowances so I could buy a gift for my father. Later, when I was working as a flight attendant flying to different cities for work, I would often think of my parents regardless of the places I been or the foods I tasted. Taking specialty foods back home for my parents was one of the things I often did. I even memorized what foods from which city my parents enjoyed, and I never forget to buy food for my parents when I flew there.

Every year before Father’s Day, I always get excited thinking about what gift I can get to surprise my father. My father had always told me not to buy gifts for him, but since I am the eldest of all the siblings, I feel I should set an example for my brothers and sisters. To get my siblings involved, I always bounce gift ideas with them, and have them pitch in to the gifts, as a way to show their appreciation. To be able to give back to my parents with my siblings is the greatest satisfaction in my life.

On Father’s Day, I would ask my parents to sit on the sofa (I know it’s called Father’s Day, but you can’t forget about your mother!), then all of us children would present our gifts and bow to them. Those were the simple yet beautiful times. Before I left Myanmar to come to Taiwan, that’s how I spent all of my Father’s Day every year. Now, I can only send him cash gift, and call him on the phone to wish him a happy Father’s Day. Oh, how I wish to go back to Myanmar and spend another Father’s Day with my dad.

Family trip with my parents

Wish you all a happy Father’s Day!