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How to apply for marriage registration when foreign spouses marry nationals?

1. Legal basis:Article 26 of the Household Registration Act, Article 982 of Civil Law

2. Application procedures:Apply at household registration office where national registered by oneself. When you cannot apply in person, you can authorize a commission verified by household registration office for the application. (If a commission is authorized abroad, it must be verified by the overseas embassies or missions.)
3. Required documents: (1)Get married domestically 1.National certificate of household registration, national ID, seal and one photo taken in latest 2 years, fee of NT$50 dollars. 2.Marriage certificate 3.Identity documents of foreign spouse, declaration of Chinese name and single status affidavit (verified by overseas embassies or missions of Taiwan). (2)Get married abroad 1.National certificate of household registration, national ID, seal. 2、Marriage certificate proved by overseas embassies and missions of Taiwan, declaration of foreign spouse renaming in Chinese, or if you have already complete the marriage registration at local government, please provide the original certificate and the Chinese transcription. 4. Notes: (1) Foreign spouse should confirm the Chinese name in written form while applying for marriage registration, the surname must tally with the national surname customs. (2) From May 23, 2008, marriage is valid after registration, therefore both parties are applicants. But those who got married or marriage validated before May 23, 2008, the applicant can be one of both parties.