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Taipei City Department of Education to host 2021 New Immigrant Language Education Assistant Qualification Training Class from May 22 to Jun 19 (3-6)

Time: May. 22 (Saturday), May 29 (Saturday), Jun 5 (Saturday), Jun. 12 (Saturday), and Jun. 19 (Saturday); 36 classes in total.
Venue: Fu'an Junior High School (No. 250, Sec. 7, Yanping N. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City)
Registration time: starting today to May 7 (Friday)
Eligibility: At least 20 years old, knows a new immigrant language well, and meets one of the following qualifications:
1. New immigrants and new immigrant children who are interesting in teaching Southeastern Asian languages
2. International students deemed eligible by the Employment Service Act.
3. Current and graduated students that majored in Southeastern Asian languages and are interesting in teaching Southeastern Asian languages.
4. Anyone that is a certified teacher with a Teacher Certificate and have a language certificate issued in Taiwan or in a foreign country for one of the new immigrant languages.
Telephone: (02)2810-8766 ext. 150 for Director Huang
Register online: