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The Taipei Masskara Festival(9-10)

The Taipei Masskara Festival, which was in its fourth year, was held on September 10 at 15:00 in front of St. Christopher's Church. It kicked off with a lively parade along the streets filled with exotic Filipino characteristics. The parade passed through the culinary and department store heaven of Qingguang Market, and stopped at the playful Qingguang Park. Many local residents, along with new immigrants and migrant workers from various countries, joined in the festivities, donning smiley masks, and experienced the passionate vitality of the Taipei Masskara Festival! 

On the day of the festival, 23 groups were invited to participate in the parade. Each group had its own unique characteristics. Among them, ATB Kultura Pilipinas was a group of Filipino migrant workers who were passionate about fashion. They regularly performed at charity events, and even when facing challenges and obstacles in their lives, they continued to smile. They never forgot to share the spirit of happiness with others and brought it to everyone with their energetic enthusiasm.

The members of the Malaysian Multinational Group and the Southeast Asian Multinational Group included friends from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and more. They enthusiastically paraded with traditional dances from their respective home countries. Through the display of creative masks, they brought the rich cultures and traditions of their countries to the viewers, presenting a colorful tapestry of cultural integration!

Local communities also enthusiastically participated in the event. Groups like the Iko Iko Line Dance and Hengan Aidi Line Dance Class, composed of local residents dedicated to promoting good health and happiness, took part. On the day of the parade, dancers wore adorable masks as they walked and danced, bringing dynamic energy to everyone at the event and actively participating in the Masskara Festival. As the parade moved along, at Nong'an Street and Linsen North Road, the Pa Rokii African hand drum percussion group and the Eastern Dance Troupe, led by professional instructors, delivered spectacular hand drumming and Eastern ethnic dance performances. Their performances added a lively and vibrant atmosphere to the entire parade event.