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New immigrant families prior to becoming registered Taipei City residents and are in hardship can apply for emergency fund with Taipei City Department of Civil Affairs(7-1)

Due to the severe COVID-19 outbreaks, many new immigrant families that are not yet registered residents of Taipei City are in desperate financial situations. If a new immigrant family is not yet registered as Taipei City residents and meets the income conditions set forth in the regulations for family in hardship, and after assessment is determined to suffer from life and economic hardship within the last three months due to major unforeseen circumstances that are not contributed to personal responsibilities, debt, and voluntary unemployment, then the new immigrant family is eligible to apply for the emergency fund with Taipei City Department of Civil Affairs.

For detailed application procedure and relevant information, please visit Taipei City Department of Civil Affairs and search for Assistance for Family in Hardship: Relevant information

Telephone: 1999 (other counties 02-2720-8889) ext. 6969 for Ms. Chen