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Philippines mask carnival on September 28 th. With new residents, migrant workers and local community, wear smiling masks and outstanding costumes. Let’s have fun on the most enthusiastic and energetic Filipino mask carnival! (9-3)

1. Qingguang market
From September 12th to 18th, taking a selfie with any store and upload it on 
Facebook or IG, then you can get coupon for 100NTD in Philippines 
Mask Carnival Information Counter. Supplies are limited! Get them while they 
2. September 28th (Sun) Mask Parade
Meetup—1:00-2:30pm Register at St. Christopher Church (No. 51, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd)
With citizens—2:00-3:00pm Citizens can pick up masks at EEC Global TK and plaza beside RJ Supermart. Let’s put on the mask and have a parade together at 3pm!
Mask Parade—3:00pm Parade will move out from St. Christopher Church, 
walking along section 3 of Zhongshan North Road and Jinwanwan Shopping Mall; turn left to Nong'an Street; turn right to Linsen North Road; turn 
right to Lane 13 of Shuangcheng Street and enter Qingguang Park.
Finishing point—4:00-5:00pm Qingguang Park
3. September 18th (Sun) Runway Show 
4:00pm groups for parade walk in runway show area of Shuangcheng Street, 
passing through the red carpet to the stage, in the meanwhile, group will make a team pose or slogan. Finally, the organizer will have 5 awards for the 
participant groups, which including Best Mask Award, Best Model Award, Stage 
Presence Awards, Best Popularity Award, Best Team