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Nanmen Market Reopens, Trial Operation Starting in October (11-8)

The historic Nanmen Market, after three and a half years of reconstruction, is scheduled to begin trial operation in October. The new market architecture displays a clean, bright, and sharp atmosphere, providing a refreshing experience. The interior is planned with fresh grocery, retail, dining, and department store areas. The new market will transform people's impression of traditional markets.

Nanmen Market, renowned for its pastries that originated in northern China, dried goods, fresh groceries, and specialty cooked foods, not only won the Five-Star Excellent Market award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2020 and 2022 but is also recognized as the market with the most five-star vendors nationwide. However, due to its insufficient seismic capacity and the high chloride ion content in the concrete, the Taipei City Government commenced its demolition and reconstruction on December 1, 2019, in conjunction with the MRT Wanda Line project.

The reconstructed Nanmen Market, in addition to being a major station housing three MRT lines, has transformed into a EEWH gold-certified green building. It features large floor-to-ceiling windows that allow ample light to enter, and the building's façade is adorned with glass curtains designed with dragon motifs, symbolizing the spirit of the Longfu Neighborhood. The market is expected to house 254 stalls, with the operational floors located from the 2nd floor to the B1 floor. The 3rd floor and above will serve as offices for institutions like the Zhongzheng District Office and the National Taxation Bureau.

Upholding its century-long legacy, Nanmen Market will maintain its unchanged flavors and familiar friendliness for its visitors, preserving cherished memories for generations. It will continue to stand in history and strive for innovation for another hundred years.

Location: B1-2F, No. 8, Section 1, Roosevelt Road, Taipei City

Source: Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism