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Guandu International Nature Art Festival lasts until December 31st (11-2)

Guandu Nature Park holds significant ecological conservation value and is rich in estuarine culture, serving as a bridge between the city and nature. Since 2006, Guandu Nature Park has been organizing the Guandu International Nature Art Festival to create a space for dialogue between people, art, and nature. Every year, artists are invited to create outdoor installations using natural materials on-site, aiming to showcase artistic beauty and convey environmental concerns, exploring the imbalance of the environment and sustainability issues between the environment and human activities.


As we continue to contemplate and redefine the relationship between humans and nature, the theme for the 2023 festival is 'Nature as a Gift.' The exhibition begins with the precious seeds nurtured in the lush Guandu plain, guiding visitors to experience the inspiration and blessings that nature bestows upon people through the concept of 'gifting.'


This year, a total of 132 artists submitted their works. The final selected artists include Shilpa Joglekar from India, Onongua Enkhtur from Mongolia, and Chen Ke-ting from Taiwan. The festival also invited Japanese artist Kohei Takekoshi, who is skilled in using wood as his creative medium, Taiwanese new media artist Chang Yen-tzu, and a team of artists from the Wistron Foundation set up by Wistron ITS to demonstrate nature's gifts through art, bringing a feast of art to the Guandu plain.


It's worth mentioning that the Wistron Foundation continues to donate to the conservation of Moon Pond ecosystem, protecting the pond and wetlands. This year, in addition to expanding the adoption area, Wistron Foundation employees also volunteered as Guandu International Nature Art Festival volunteers and completed their unique works starting from environmental surveys. Moreover, during the festival, various handicraft workshops, family-friendly activities, a second-hand market, and stamp-collecting events are planned. Visitors can enjoy the breeze on the Guandu plain while appreciating the gifts provided by nature.


Guandu International Nature Art Festival 

◈ Between Nov. 12 and Dec. 31

◈ Location: Guandu Nature Park


Family Eco-friendly Market

◈ From 09:00 to 16:00 on Nov. 4 (Saturday) 

◈ Location: Guandu Nature Park


Source: Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism