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National Immigration Agency to host the 2021 Dream Building Initiative for New Immigrants and Their Children. Registration starting today to Dec. 31(12-3)

The initiative aims to encourage new immigrants to give back to society and participate in charity events. By documenting the process with video, the initiative will share new immigrants’ growth and heartwarming moments with the public!
This year's initiative includes five categories: Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Education and Art, Multimedia and Digital Technology, Social Service, and Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development. Each participating group member need to have at least two new immigrants or second-generation new immigrants. Other participants in the group can be Taiwan nationals or foreigners. Each group can have a maximum of five members, and the initiative is looking for 30 groups. For more details please see the brochure.

*After completing the online registration process, print out the registration form and your proposal, and mail them to the National Immigration Agency (5F., No.15, Guangzhou St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, c/o 2021 Dream Building Initiative for New Immigrants and Their Children Team).