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The re-opening plan for the areas in new immigrants’ halls starting on November 2 (11-1)

1.All areas are open to the public
(1) In principal, masks should be worn at all times inside the immigrants' halls.
(2) Masks may be temporarily removed when doing sports, singing, taking individual/group photos, and consuming food and beverages. Masks are still required if COVID-19 symptoms are present and social distancing cannot be maintained.
(3) Crowd control and capacity limit management for events lifted. 
(4) All venues are controlled by a single entrance and exit.
(5)New immigrants’ halls should continue visitor name and contact information registration.
(6) Applicants should submit a venue COVID-19 prevention measures implementation checklist.  
(7) Sanitize your hands before and after events.
(8) Singing classes should sanitize the microphones before and after events.
(9) Comply with other COVID-19 prevention measures put forth by the central government and Taipei City government.
(10) To safeguard the health of the visitor, the new immigrants’ halls can order the violators of the above rules to stop using the facility, and revoke their permit to use the venue. If necessary, the new immigrants’ halls can report to the authorities: 

Remark: All COVID preventative measures are subject to change in accordance with the information published by Taipei City Government, and the CECC. Venues can be closed, and services can be suspended due to change of COVID pandemic mandates, please check for the most updated rules at the immigrants’ halls or published on the official website. We apologize for any inconvenience.