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112 Year 1st Echelon National Technician Skills Examination Registration Operation (12-4)

1. In order to encourage Chinese people to actively participate in the technical skills certification to improve the level of professional skills and promote the upgrading of industrial technology, the Ministry of Labor announced the content of the application materials for the first echelon of national technical skills certification in 2012.

2. Information content:

(1) The Skills Certification Center of the Labor Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor, in order to improve the vocational skills of the people, handles the first echelon of national technician skills certification in 2012. The National Verification Brochure will be sold from December 27, 2011 to January 12, 2012:

1. Purchase in small quantities: Purchase at Family Mart convenience stores, Laerfu convenience stores, and OK Supermarkets nationwide during the sales period (there are two types of skill test brochures sold by Family Mart, the white package is for the national skill test, and the brown kraft paper package is for immediate Please pay special attention when purchasing).

2. Purchase in large quantities or in small quantities: the service window of the technical inspection center for skill verification, the sales outlets of brochures in various counties and cities, or the unified receiving center for registration of national skill verification correspondence (during the sales period, you can call 05-5360800 for inquiries or go directly to the trial service information website https://skill.tcte.edu.tw).

(2) The registration period is from January 3 to January 12, 2012, except group registration, mainland degree students (land students studying), visiting relatives for school, and general manual electric welding, argon tungsten electric welding, and semi-automatic electric welding. Inspections are limited to correspondence registration, and others can register by correspondence or online regardless of job category or level. Please send it by registered mail, home delivery or parcel within the specified time limit, and use the delivery stamp as evidence. Overdue registration will not be accepted. accepted.

(3) Those who have participated in the skill test of the same job level in 109, 110, 111, and 112 years without modification of the qualifications for inspection and inspection are exempted from attaching the qualification documents for inspection and inspection, but they must attach a copy of the academic or technical transcripts of any year, which can be Go to the Technical Inspection Center website (https://www.wdasec.gov.tw)/inquiry and download of certification information/inquiry about license information/inquiry about qualification documents exempted from application for inspection, technical unit and achievement inquiry, reissuing transcripts and license fees Print the bill of payment, inquire whether it is exempt from the qualification for inspection and reprint the transcript.

(4) The unit accepting the application is the "Technical College Entrance Examination Center Foundation" (No. 123-5, Section 3, Daxue Road, Douliu City, Yunlin County), and the registration consultation hotline is 0800-360800.

(5) The subject test (including the non-test category of the technical subject written test conducted on the same day) that aims to reveal the method of the written test questions in the ladder is scheduled to be held on March 19, 2012. In response to the epidemic situation, if you have your own health concerns and other considerations, please Apply for inspection after careful consideration; in addition, if you are a "chronic disease patient", "pregnant woman", "person with severe physical and mental impairment" and other high-risk groups, it is recommended to avoid participating in gatherings during the epidemic period. For other relevant matters, please refer to the Technical Inspection Center website\Latest News item, and will adjust the content of the supplementary announcement at any time according to the changes of the epidemic situation.

3. Regarding the relevant service measures for current or former foreign spouses, mainland spouses, and immigrant workers who meet the qualifications for inspection and quarantine, they can apply for assistance with subject test questions in accordance with regulations when registering. The key points are as follows:

(1) Spouses of foreign nationals and spouses from mainland China: Inspection application for fixed crane operation - overhead type (on-board operation), fixed crane operation - overhead type (ground operation), women's hairdressing, Chinese food cooking, beauty treatment, stacker operation, Nursery staff, care attendants, and other occupational categories of C (single) grades may apply for the service of broadcasting Mandarin oral reading subject test questions according to the limited test area.

(2) Migrant workers (the reason for residence is migrant workers or foreign workers):

1. Applying for the Occupational Safety and Health Management category B skill certification, you can apply for the service of migrant workers plus foreign language supplementary subjects (choose one of four languages, including Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai and English) according to the limited test area.

2. Inspection application for general manual electric welding, muddy water-bricklaying, muddy water-painting, muddy water-surface material paving, steel bars, formwork, fixed crane operation-overhead type (on-machine operation), fixed crane operation-overhead type (ground operation), fixed crane operation-overhead (on-board operation) (simulation system), fixed crane operation-overhead (ground operation) (simulation system), mobile crane operation-extensible outrigger, mobile Crane operation - non-telescopic boom, mobile crane operation - telescopic boom (simulation system), argon tungsten electrode welding, semi-automatic welding, gardening (C), landscaping, architectural painting, stacker operation, decoration Carpentry, concrete, care attendants, occupational safety management, occupational health management and other occupational level skills examinations can apply for paper-based supplementary foreign language test questions (four languages including Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai and English) according to the limited test area. language of choice).

3. Foreign language auxiliary services are added to the subject test questions, and the academic and technical subject test administration and supervision (evaluation) personnel explanations and subject test question announcements are mainly in Chinese. If there is any discrepancy or inconsistency between the subject test questions in foreign languages and the Chinese test questions, the Chinese version of the test questions still prevails. The addition of foreign language test questions is only for auxiliary services and cannot be used as questions related to the test questions. .

4. In addition, the calculation of the qualification date for skill certification (such as: training hours... etc.) is calculated until the date of acceptance of the certification application. When applying for relevant training classes such as occupations, it is recommended that the training schedule be drawn up in accordance with the registration time of each certification category (including echelons) of the center, so that the public can meet the relevant requirements such as the qualifications for inspection of each occupation category when they register, so as to facilitate their registration. check.