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Skill Evaluation Center of Workforce Development Agency starts accepting applications for the second 2022 National Technician Skills Test from April 26 to May 5, 2022 (4-14)

I. To improve the general public’s professional skill level, the Skill Evaluation Center of Workforce Development Agency is hosting the second 2022 National Technician Skills Test. The national skill test application form is available for purchase between April 19 and May 5, 2022. Anyone that is interested in taking the test can go to FamilyMart, Hilife, or OK Mart and get the application forms. The registration period starts on April 26 and ends on May 5 (There are two types of application forms available at the FamilyMart: white packet, and brown packet. White packet is for the National Technician Skills Test, and the brown packet is for the Rapid Certification Technician Skills. Make sure you select the right packet). Group registration, Chinese students, visiting international students, and applicants registering for shield metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, or semi-automatic welding Tests are limited to mail registration only. All other technician skills and certification levels can be registered via mail or the internet. Please register for the test within deadline via registered mail, delivery, or registered package. Mail-in registration form’s application date is determined by the post office stamp date. Late application will not be accepted.
II. Send the application to the Testing Center for Technological and Vocational Education (No. 123-5, Sec. 3, University Road, Douliu City, Yunlin County). If you have any questions regarding the test, call registration consultation hotline at 0800-360800.
III. The written test with multiple choice questions, and the practical test conducted in written form (without multiple choice) are scheduled to be held on July 10, 2022. Due to the recent COViD-19 pandemic situation, anyone that has health concerns should consider carefully before registering for the test. We recommend that high risk groups, including patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women, and severely handicapped individuals should refrain from participating in gathering events. For more information, please visit the News page on the Skill Evaluation Center website. The center will adjust the announced measures according to the COVID-19 pandemic.