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Sinyi Charity Foundation New-Immigrant Single Parent House Lease Subsidy Application(3-22)

To help relieve living difficulties for single new-immigrant parents, Sinyi Charity Foundation is providing an NT$2,000 monthly subsidy. This is the last year for the subsidy; do not miss this chance.
The foundation pointed out that according to the Ministry of the Interior about 10,000 new-immigrant couples get divorced each year. Because new immigrants have no relatives in Taiwan and have less opportunities to earn a living wage, single new-immigrant parents have a tough time. This subsidy program will financially help these single new-immigrant parents.
Single new-immigrant parents who are registered residents of Taiwan (both naturalized and not yet naturalized), have no other housing subsidy or are living in public housing, are under the age of 65, and have a child under the age of 18 are eligible for the subsidy. Single new-immigrant parents who have the need to rent a house can apply for the subsidy via the Department of Social Welfare of various counties and cities in Taiwan, Township or District offices, the Immigrant Women and Family Service Center, and other government-registered social service organizations.

● Call (02)2755-7666 ext. 2333