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Taipei City Government increases the bailout for nine types of business, and increases the amount of business loans. (6-5)

Taipei City has implemented the publicly funded household rapid test kits program on June 8. Taipei City Department of Health stated that the publicly funded rapid test kits were distributed to 19 emergency responsibility hospitals on June 7 and 8 (National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipie Veterans General Hospital, Tri-Service General Hospital, Tri-Service General Hospital Songshan Branch, Wanfang Hospital, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Shin Kong Wu Ho Su Memorial Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, Cheng Hsin General Hospital, Taipei Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan Adventist Hospital, West Garden Hospital, Pojen General Hospital, Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch, Taipei City Hospital Zhongxiao Branch, Taipei City Hospital Yangming Branch, Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch, and Taipei City Hospital-Duties-Heping Fuyou Branch), and 312 designated clinics. Anyone that is determined by a physician to have COVID-19 symptoms, have traveling history, cluster history, contact history, or is in a high-risk occupation is eligible to receive a publicly funded rapid test kit immediately after consultation. When receiving the test kit, you can scan the TaipeiPass QR code to save time from filling out a form (you’ll need to download TaipeiPass APP first).

At the epidemic prevention SOP press conference held today (June 8), Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je announced that considering the negative impact on all lines of business caused by the pandemic, the Taipei City Government will be offering extra subsidies in addition to the nine relief measures proposed on May 27. The target groups include tenants of public retail market/mall stalls and placement tenants at sites administered by the Market Administration Office, residents whose jobs and livelihoods are severely affected by the pandemic, childcare centers, home-based care personnel (nanny), arts and cultural organizations, contracted disabled student transportation service providers, and sheltered workshops, etc. The amount of quick loans for small and medium-sized enterprises and youth entrepreneurs will also be increased to assist more residents and business overcome the crisis. The relief package is detailed as follows:
1. Market relief subsidies: considering the serious impact on livelihoods of stall traders caused by the widespread of COVID-19 in May 2022, the Market Administration Office will provide additional funding to stall/store traders in public retail markets and malls, as well as placement tenants at sites administered by the Office. On top of the existing 50% rent reduction between May and July 2022, the Office will subsidize the other 50% of rent for the same period.
2. Pandemic emergency assistance: Taipei City residents whose jobs and livelihoods are affected by the pandemic within the 3 months can apply for the emergency aid of NT$3,000 with submission of relevant proofs. Applications can be made at the counter of the Social Affairs Section in your household district office or the nearest Social Welfare Center. It can also be applied via post or online at the Taipei e-Services Online platform. (Eligibility of application is NOT limited to one person per household)
3. Subsidies for childcare centers and home childcare personnel (nanny): from April to June 2022, childcare centers that refund payments for closures due to the pandemic and policy mandate, or because of families opting out of the service, the city government will subsidize half of the actual amount of payment refunded by each institution. Home care personnel (nanny) will receive a fixed subsidy amount based on the actual refund paid.
4. Fee reduction and exemption for arts and cultural venues hires: for art and cultural institutions hosting events at the arts and cultural venues administered by the Department of Cultural Affairs, if the events were postponed due to the pandemic, the Department will assist and coordinate the  change of event dates; if the events were cancelled, the deposit and rent will be refunded in full without interest.
5. Relaxation on the adjustment and control of the arts and cultural funding program: if the approved receivers of the 2022 general arts and cultural funding had to postpone their activities due to the pandemic, the completion deadline for the funding program approved by the Department of Culture Affairs has been extended to 31 March 2023, and the restriction on date change is also lifted.
6. Relief for contracted disabled student transportation service providers: the 7 contracted companies that provide transportation service to and back from school for students with physical or mental disabilities will receive a subsidy of NT$10,000 per vehicle for the second semester of the 2021 academic year.
7. Operation subsidies for sheltered workshops: the Foreign and Disabled Labor Office will provide operation subsidies for the 43 sheltered workshops registered and entrusted in Taipei City, which include rent, personnel costs, cost of purchases and marketing expenses, etc. The cap of subsidy for each workshop is NT$120,000.
8. Additional business loans: the Department of Economic Development will be adding a total of NT$1.15 billion to the SME and youth entrepreneurship loan programs. To expand business financing relief and effectively reduce the impact of COVID-19 on enterprises, the amount of Easy Loan application will be increased from NT$800,000 to NT$3 million for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the loan limit for youth entrepreneurship will also be raised from NT$500,000 to NT$1.2 million, effective from 15 January 2022. Loan application will be made easy to speed up the process and applicants can enjoy a 3-month interest-only repayment. At the same time, in order to improve the loan application processing efficiency and service, we have also added E.SUN Commercial Bank as an alternative option to the existing Taipei Fubon Bank for enterprise loans. In addition, for borrowers whose loan repayment is not yet due, deferred payment arrangement such as principle or interest-only repayment is also available. Applications for payment to be deferred for at least 6 months up to 1 year can be made from now until the end of July.
Taipei City Government stated that in the future, it will continue to review relevant measures on a rolling basis in accordance with the pandemic situation and assit residents of the city to overcome the pandemic crisis. If you want to know more about the various relief measures, please visit the Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens Relief Measures website set up by the Department of Finance, where you can search for relevant quick information, relief package, contact information, and get links to the Epidemic Prevention website and tax information (URL: https://dof.gov.taipei/Content_List.aspx?n=620DCB9F03451B25).