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Taipei City African Swine Fever Investigation Report On Southeast Asian Food Merchants(8-11)

1. Audit Time: From Aug. 23 to Aug 25
2. Audit Scope: 23 Southeast Asian Product Merchants provided by the Food and Drug Administration.
3. Audit Results: The investigation is completed on August 25, and no unqualified products were found.
4. Follow-Up Actions:
(1) Other than the 23 merchants selected by the central government, Taipei City plans to set up special auditing operations to audit remaining merchants.
(2) Starting on Aug. 23, the Department of Civil Affairs, the Department of Labor, the Department of Information and Tourism, and other government channels will strengthen the dissemination of African Swine Fever prevention information to foreign workers, new immigrants and city residents. If you find any meat products form ASF infected zones please send the products to Taipei City Animal Protection Office.
** Investigation Report