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African Swine Fever epidemic remains severe internationally, importation of quarantine objects by carrying on person or courier delivery remains illegal!(5-12))

 All importation of animals, plants, and related products to Taiwan should comply with the Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases, and the Plant Protection and Quarantine Act. Violators found to illegally import animals, plants, and other quarantine objects by carrying, mailing, or courier delivery can be fined up to NT$1 million.
Since Jan. 4, 2021, 20 new immigrants and international workers were fined for illegal importation of quarantine objects via courier delivery services, including bitter beans, garlic, lemongrass, ginger, and meat products. Please remind your family members not to send plant and animal products to Taiwan so the receiver will not be fined.
Quarantine animals, plants, and related products frequently found on travelers entering Taiwan: https://www.baphiq.gov.tw/ws.php?id=10719