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Opening Notification: Starting on May 19, Shilin New Immigrants’ Hall will be opened to the public. (5-4)

To protect immigrants’ hall staff and the visitors from the infection of COVID-19, we ask anyone that enters the hall to comply to the following rules: 
1. Have your body temperature taken at the door and sanitize your hands with alcohol. Wear a mask during your visit. 
2. If you have are experiencing a fever (body temperature 37.5℃ or higher), respiratory issues, or diarrhea, do not enter the immigrants’ hall and seek medical treatment immediately. 
3. Practice social distancing (1.5 meters for indoors). 
4. All classes and event seating should be pre-planned and leave sufficient spaces between seats. All visitors should adhere to the seating plan and are prohibited from eating and drinking. 
5. Air conditioning will be turned off if there is an event in the immigrants’ hall. Windows should be opened for ventilation. 
6. The visitor capacity is limited to 50 visitors. 
7. All visitor should pay attention to personal hygiene by wearing a mask in public and wash hands frequently. 
8. The immigrants’ hall will store all visitors’ personal information for a month. All information will be destroyed after a month.
9. If a leased venue is needed as a secondary office space due to COVID-19 outbreak, the venue must be returned to the new immigrants’ hall unconditionally.