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Join the Taipei City Multicultural Activities: Taipei Masskara Festival on Sep. 20 (Sunday)! (9-4)

The MassKara Festival is an annual festival held in Bacolod, Philippines. During the festival, it is customary to put on flamboyant masks and clothing to march in the parade. The smile on the mask is designed to spread positive energy. This year, Taipei City is hosting the MassKara Festival for the first time. We hope residents of Taipei City, new immigrants and foreign workers can all come and join us to share different cultures, and show the passion, the energy, and the friendliness of Taipei City!

💡Main events:
🎈Sep. 14 - 20: Qing Guang Market events
🎈Sep. 20:  Masskara Festival parade
🎈Sep. 20:  Runway competition

☀️Qing Guang Market events🔆
◆Time|Sep. 14 - 20
◆Location|Qing Guang Market shops
◆Join the Fun|Look for special masks placed at 10 shops in the Qing Guang Market, and at King Wan Wan Shopping Mall and EEC Global TK 😍
1. Taka a picture with the mask you found
2. Check-in on Facebook or Instagram
3. 9/20 14:00 Show your Facebook or Instagram check-in post at the service counter to receive a Philippines bag. Bags are limited to one per person, get it while supply lasts!👛

🦸🏻Masskara Festival parade🎭
◆Parade Gathering|13:00-14:30 at St Christopher‘s Church
◆Visitors Check-in|13:00-15:00 visitors can sign in with the organizer at the square next to the EEC Global TK and receive a mask to join the parade bound for Qing Guang Park. Visitors can also get a souvenir.
◆Parade|15:00 on Zhongshan North Road around King Wan Wan block (Qing Guang Park Shopping District)
◆Destination|16:00-17:00 Qing Guang Park

🎈Sep. 20 16:40~:  Runway competition