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Indonesia Eid Holiday by Ting An-ni (Indonesian new immigrant)

Taipei City has organized many excellent Eid holiday events in the past years. Those events really brings back many good memories of Eid holidays I have. Let me take this chance and show you how Eid holiday is celebrated in Indonesia!

    Before the celebration of Eid al-Fit (Festival of Breaking the Fast) we have a month of Ramadan (29 - 30 days). During Ramadan, the evening meal is at 3:00 A.M. Imsak (fasting) starts at 4:00 A.M. and ends at 6:00 P.M. where Buka puasa (break of a fast) begin. During Ramadan, Muslims are required to fast, abstain from sexual relations and anger, and recitation of the Quran. To start the evening meal, we would eat kurma (dates) or drink kolak (soup made from banana, sweet potato, palm sugar, and coconut milk) to receive some calories. Then we would have another prayer before the actual meal. After the evening meal is over, we would go to a mosque for a prayer. When the prayer is over, the mosque would beat on a drum (tabuh bedug) while everyone take turns to read the Quran. On Takbiran, the last day of the Ramadan (the day before Eid holiday) we would sing in the mosque or in the village to announce the coming of Eid holiday!

    Many would travel home to see their family on Eid holiday. After the Eid prayer, we would go home and greet elderlies, family members, neighbors, and friends saying, “Minal Aidhin Walfaizdhin, Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin!” Which means, “I ask you to forgive me from the bottom of my heart!” In essence, we are asking forgiveness for the wrongs we have done in the past year and to start anew in a new year! For meals, we prepared Ketupat wrapped in coconut leaves and opor ayam (chicken soup), which are wonderfully delicious! Besides enjoying good food, we also put on new clothes, clean our houses and family tombs. We also go to our friends’ and neighbors’ houses to celebrate Eid holiday over foods and blessings.

     After I came to Taiwan with my husband, I celebrate Eid holidays at Taipei Grand Mosque with my family and friends. On Eid holiday, the mosque would have Southeastern Asian concerts and provide Halal foods. It’s a great experience!


Indonesia Eid Holiday