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Starting October 19, individuals who got vaccinated with Medigen vaccine and need to go abroad can receive doses of other COVID-19 vaccines with EUA in Taiwan (C/10-2)

On October 19, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) pointed out that travelers planning to enter some countries can be exempted from undergoing post-arrival quarantine/ isolation or providing a negative test result if they have received the required doses of a COVID-19 vaccine accepted by the country they are traveling to. The CECC announced that from today individuals who received the Medigen COVID-19 vaccine and need to travel abroad can receive other COVID-19 vaccines granted emergency use authorization (EUA) by the government.

1. Criteria for getting additional shots:

People who received the Medigen vaccine and need to go abroad can get one to three shots of a COVID-19 vaccine granted EUA by Taiwan's government according to the entry requirements (including boarding/entry restrictions, a quarantine/isolation exemption, or a negative test result) of the country they are traveling to after showing relevant documents (e.g. electronic flight tickets or proof of enrollment/ employment overseas).

2. The number of doses and interval:

Receiving the first and second dose of any brand of vaccine other than Medigen is considered as receiving the primary series vaccination, and a minimum of four weeks (28 days) is recommended between the vaccine and the previous dose. A third dose of any brand of vaccine other than Medigen is considered a booster and should be given at least 12 weeks (84 days) after the previous dose.

The CECC also reminded that after vaccination, people can go to "Apply for Digital COVID-19 Certificate " https://dvc.mohw.gov.tw/ to download the digital certificate of vaccination (it is recommended to apply more than 2 days after the completion of vaccination), it will be used for inspection in other countries.

The CECC center once again appealed that with the steady opening of the border,the public will gradually return to normal life. Making a consultation the travel clinic before going abroad. If you have symptoms of suspected infectious diseases such as fever, diarrhea, rash, and cough 14 days before arriving in Taiwan, please inform CDC quarantine inspector when you are entering Taiwan. With this action, you will receive immediate evaluation and treatment. After entering, people should follow epidemic prevention measures, furthermore, you should comply with the guidelines set out in the relevant COVID-19 epidemic prevention guidelines during self-epidemic prevention. If you feel unwell after returning to the country, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. More than that, please also inform the doctor your recent Travel history for more precise diagnosis.