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Started on Feb. 2 Guangdong, China listed as a level 2 coronavirus outbreak zone (2-3)

Central Epidemic Command Center has held an expert advisory meeting to discuss the measures needed to take on travelers entering Taiwan. A conclusion was made to separate 2019-nCoV infected areas in China into two levels.
Level 1 coronavirus outbreak zones are areas showing community spreading that are difficult to control. Current level 1 outbreak zone: Hubei province.
Level 2 coronavirus outbreak zones are areas suspect of local community spreading. Travelers that have history of visiting these areas should be listed on the home quarantine list. Starting on Feb 2, Guangdong province has been listed as a level 2 outbreak zone. Chinese nationals that are Guangdong residents are banned from entering Taiwan; Travelers entering Taiwan from China through the Mini Tree Links channels are required to conduct a 14-day home quarantine.
Travelers who have developed symptoms such as fever or coughing when arriving at Taiwan from overseas, please report to the airport and port quarantine personnel; if you have developed the abovementioned suspected symptoms within 14 days after returning to Taiwan, please call our toll free epidemic prevention hotline at 1922 and go to the nearest hospital as instructed wearing a mask. Please inform the doctor about your travel history, occupation, contact and cluster history (TOCC).
Relevant news: http://at.cdc.tw/72e2gc
CDC 2019-nCoV page: http://at.cdc.tw/xP90P0
Daily press conference live stream: https://www.youtube.com/user/taiwancdc/