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All Patient Visitation Are Suspended for Hospitals in Taipei City Starting on January 8 (C/1-3)

  In response to the recent development of COVID-19 pandemic, and to reduce the risks of virus transmission and hospital-acquired infections, Taipei City has announced a new hospital visitation policy on January 7. Starting on January 8, 2022, all visitations are suspended, except for “exceptional circumstances”. 
I. Starting on January 8, 2022, all hospitals in Taipei City have suspended visits in all but "exceptional circumstances”.
II. Hospitals are allowed to grand visitation in the following exceptional circumstances:
A. Patient that has to undergo surgery or invasive procedure, and needs to be accompanied by a family member, or for a family member to sign a consent form. 
B. B. Emergency units that need to explain a patient’s situation to the family.
C. In case a patient’s situation is getting worse or requires certain medical procedure, and visitation is deemed necessary after assessment and is permitted by the health institution.
    The Department of Health asks the general public to avoid unnecessary visitations, instead, make a video call or a phone call. If in-person visitation is needed, be sure to comply to the real-name registration policy and visiting hospital’s management measures. Visitors are also required to provide a negative rapid antigen test or PCR test report. Hospital visitors are required to wear a mask at all times during the visitation, and should follow respiratory hygiene, coughing etiquette, and hand sanitation.