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December 5 is the late King Phumiphon Adunyadet’s birthday, it is also Thailand’s Father’s Day. Thailand Father’s Day is established in 1980, and is set on the day of Thai King’s birthday. The date is chosen to represent the relationship between the King and Thai people are as close as father and son. On October 13, 2016, King Phumiphon Adunyadet passed away after 70 years of reign. After the King’s death, Thai government announced the date of the National Father’s Day will remain the same. So on Thailand Father’s Day, the people of Thailand can show their appreciation to their fathers while participating in activities to commemorate the late King.

On Thailand Father’s Day, Thai people decorate their houses with Thai national flags, and do charitable and pious deeds through religious ceremonies, such as providing foods to monks. Furthermore, Thai government and relevant agencies will place pictures of the late King and well wish cards for people of Thailand to sign and leave a message. People will put on yellow shirts on Father’s Day, and shops will hang yellow flags outside and place yellow flowers called พุทธรักษา (Phuthṭhrạks̄ʹā). The color of Phuthṭhrạks̄ʹā flower is like the color that represents the late King Phumiphon. Phuthṭhrạks̄ʹā flower is also considered a plant that brings good luck, and it is connected to Buddhism and is a symbol of peace.