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1Taipei City Neihu District Office to host New Immigrant Level C Technician for Food Baking class between Sep. 5 and Nov. 28(7-2)2020-07-02
2Taipei City Zhongzheng District Office to host Thai language and cultural seminar between Aug. 2 and Nov. 1(7-1)2020-07-02
3 Taipei City Secretariat now recruiting volunteer (starting today to July 8) (7-3)2020-06-30
4Taipei City New Immigrants’ Market, come and hang out on July 5(6-22)2020-06-30
5The National Immigration Agency to host New Immigrant Using Information Technology Program from June 28 to November(6-21)2020-06-30
6Summer Sports Camp for New Immigrants’ Children is here! (6-20)2020-06-30
7West Taipei Community Care Stronghold to host Second Generation New Immigrant Environmental Education Summer Camp. (6-19)2020-06-23
8East Taipei Community Care Stronghold to host Children and Youth Camp between Aug. 12 and 14, 2020(6-18)2020-06-23
9Wanhua and Shilin New Immigrants’ Halls to be closed for 2020 Dragon Boat Festival between June 25 and 29(6-17)2020-06-23
10Eden Social Welfare Foundation to host Parent-Child Rhythmic Group. between Jul. 29 and Aug. 21 (6-16)2020-06-19
11Eden Social Welfare Foundation to host Exercise And Staying Young - A Taipei City New Immigrant Support Group between Jul. 7 and Aug. 25(6-15)2020-06-19
12Eden Social Welfare Foundation to host 2020 Advanced Parent-child Vietnamese Language and Multicultural Class between Jun. 21 and Nov. 1(6-14)2020-06-19
13Wenshan District Office to host 2020 Vietnamese Language and Culture Seminar between Jul. 21 and Aug. 20(6-13)2020-06-19
14Wenshan District Office to host 2020 New-Immigrant Culture Seminar: Tea and Bamboo Cuisine Class between Jul. 3 and Jul. 31(6-12)2020-06-19
15Lessons including E-Commerce Basics and How to Open a Store, Building A Hot Product and E-Commerce Platform Entrepreneurship Tips, How to Create Internet Presence and Payment Tool Applications, Practical Tips for Running An Online Store. Sign up now! (6-11)2020-06-15
16We invited popular YouTubers to share their experiences in social media streaming, and how to plan for a stream and learning practical filming techniques. (6-10)2020-06-15
17Taipei Zhongzheng District Office to host 2020 New Immigrant TQC Examine Class between Jul. 14 and Aug. 20(6-9)2020-06-15
18Taipei Shilin District Office to host 2020 Basic Taiwanese Class for New Immigrants from Aug. 4 to Sep. 1(6-8)2020-06-15
19Taipei City Zhongshan District to host 2020 Leather Crafting Entrepreneurship Class between Jul. 1 and 30 (6-7)2020-06-12
20Taiwan Visitors Association published 2020 Taiwan Tourism Guide Book in 7 languages, download it now! (6-6)2020-06-11