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1Eden Social Welfare Foundation to host Second Generation New Immigrant Diverse Smart Empowerment and Parenthood Program (1-5)2022-01-19
2Fighting Against African Swine Fever (1-4)2022-01-19
3Regarding the Case on Adding Additional Languages to Missing Person Report (1-3)2022-01-19
4Regarding The Issue of Taipei City Schools Hiring New Immigrants Without Household Registration for Short-term Employment (1-2)2022-01-12
5Shilin and Wanhua New Immigrants’ Halls closing schedule for 2022 (1-1)2022-01-07
6The Pearl S. Buck Foundation to host Career Interest Discovery on Jan. 26 (12-7)2021-12-30
7The Pearl S. Buck Foundation to host English Learning Camp on Jan. 24 (12-6)2021-12-30
8December Taiwan Panorama magazine Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian editions, read them online! (12-5)2021-12-30
9Notification: New Immigrants’ Halls closed from December 31, 2021 to January 3, 2022 (12-4)2021-12-22
10Migrant Workers' Healthy Service of Taipei City Hospital Family Medicine (12-2)2021-12-14
112021 Water Lantern Festival taking place at the Chengmei Left Bank Riverside Park near the Rainbow Bridge on Dec. 12! (12-1)2021-12-10
122021 National Referendum and COVID-19 Prevention Measures 「multilingual short video」 (11-3)2021-12-01
13The re-opening plan for the areas in new immigrants’ halls starting on November 2 (11-1)2021-11-15
142021 Masskara Festival 11/12(Fri.)-11/28(Sun.) at Qingguang Market! (11-2)2021-11-11
15Shilin District Office to host New Immigrant Green Handmade Soap Class on Oct. 25 and Oct. 27 (10-11)2021-10-22
16Taipei Family Education Center to host Happy and Healthy Family Online Seminar between Oct. 23 and Dec. Dec. 25 (10-10)2021-10-22
17Taipei City Department of Labor to host the 2022 Taipei City Excellent Worker Selection (10-9)2021-10-20
18Taipei New Immigration Woman and Family Service Center to host Cross-Cultural Social Work Conference on October 29. (10-8)2021-10-20
19East Taipei Community Care Stronghold holding Children Entering Adolescence parenting seminar on October 23 (10-7)2021-10-20
20Neihu District Office to host New Immigrant Parent-Child Paper Clay class on October 23 and 30 (10-6)2021-10-20