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Latest News

1Muslim Friendly Zone established! Come and check it out! (7-17)2019-08-05
2Taipei New-Immigrant Women and Family Service Center hosting New-Immigrant Dance Class (7-14)2019-08-05
3 Zhongzheng District Office organizing New Immigrant Thai Language and Cultural Exchange Seminar (7-12)2019-08-05
4 Taipei City Employment Services Office 2019 Chinese Spouse Employment Seminar round two (7-7))2019-08-05
5 East Taipei Community Care Stronghold organizing parenting seminar How Do Parents Teach Sex Education (7-5)2019-08-05
6East Taipei Community Care Stronghold organizing Meeting Yourself self-help class (7-4)2019-08-05
7Starting on July 1, 2019, Nangang New Immigrant’s Hall has stopped leasing venues and providing interpretation services (7-3)2019-08-05
8West Taipei Community Care Stronghold hosting New Taiwanese Love Earth: A Service-Learning Summer Camp (7-1)2019-08-05
9East Taipei Community Care Stronghold hosted Dream Job Discovery Camp (8-3)2019-08-01
10 Eden Social Welfare Foundation hosting New-Immigrant Support Group family day on August 31 (8-9)2019-08-01
11Datong District Office hosing New Immigrants' Local Taiwanese Life Experience Between Sep. 4 and Oct. 12 (8-5)2019-08-01
12South Taipei Community Care Stronghold organizing A Life Changing Taste: Pad Krapow Moo (8-4)2019-08-01
13Taipei Zhongshan District Office hosting Vanilla Handmade Soap and Essential Oil Class (8-2)2019-08-01
14Taipei City Employment Services Office New Immigrant Employment Promotion Program (8-1)2019-08-01
15Xinyi District Office hosting English Seminar for New Immigrants (7-15)2019-07-18
16Taipei Family Education Center LOHAS Family seminar (7-6)2019-07-11
17Taipei Wenshan District Office 2019 Vietnamese Language and Culture Class (7-11)2019-07-04
18South Taipei Community Care Stronghold organizing Parent-Child Communication Group: Parenting and Children's Emotions (7-10)2019-07-04
19Taipei City Department of Education organizing 2019 New-Immigrant Language Teaching Returning Support Staff Training Course(7-9)2019-07-04
20Eden Social Welfare Foundation New-Immigrant Parent-child Rhythmic Activity Club (6-6)2019-07-03