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1Second Generation New Immigrant Empowerment Camp admission list (7-1)2022-07-04
2Taipei Expo 2022 (6-14)2022-07-03
3The 2022 Taipei New Immigrant Support Group program (6-13)2022-06-28
4The Hong Kong Virtual Tour (6-12)2022-06-28
5Diaz de Rábago Endless love - In memory of Father Andrés Perez (6-11)2022-06-27
6Shilin District Office New Immigrant Horticultural Therapy class brochure (6-10)2022-06-27
7Second up for the Second Generation New Immigrant Empowerment Camp now (6-9)2022-06-27
8Taipei City Department of Civil Affairs and Taipei City Vocational Development Institute 2022 Caregiver Training: New Immigrant Program Admission Announcement (6-8)2022-06-27
9Tell A Story With Food: A Wanhua New Immigrants' Hall Multicultural Event (6-7)2022-06-20
10The Ministry of Foreign Affairs started publishing Taiwan Panorama trilingual bimonthly edition in December 2015 (6-6)2022-06-20
11Taipei City Government increases the bailout for nine types of business, and increases the amount of business loans. (6-5)2022-06-15
12How to Get the Taipei City Publicly Funded Household Rapid Test Kits (6-4)2022-06-13
13Go On An Island Hopping Trip in Jun: A Shilin New Immigrants’ Hall Multicultural Event (6-3)2022-06-10
14Taipei Family Education Center to host the 72nd Intimate Interaction Class Series. Please visit out website (6-2)2022-06-10
152022 Indonesian Language and Culture Seminar (6-1)2022-06-06
162022 Drawing a NEW World – the support group for overseas returning and intercountry adopted second-generation immigrants of Taipei City (5-11)2022-06-06
172022 Employment Seminar of the Employment Assistance Program for New Residents (5-10)2022-06-06
18Taipei City New Immigrants' Halls close for Dragon Boat Festival (5-9)2022-05-30
19Registration for the Second Generation New Immigrant Empowerment Camp starts now (5-8)2022-05-30
20Event News: Exploring Children's Emotions - Children’s Camp (5-7)2022-05-30