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1Taipei e-Campus Micro-Class: When Balut Meets Stinky Tofu (Taiwan and Vietnamese Culture)(1-2)2020-01-14
2 Shilin New Immigrants’ Hall close from Jan. 1 to Jan. 31, 2020.(1-1)2020-01-02
3Cast your vote on Jan. 11, 2020 (part 2)! Central Election Commission public service announcement video now available in Taiwanese and Hakka! (12-5)2019-12-24
4Cast your vote on Jan. 11, 2020! Central Election Commission public service announcement subtitle available in five languages! (12-4)2019-12-24
5Sign Up Now for the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung – New Immigrant Lantern Competition (12-3)2019-12-19
6NIA Taipei City Service Center is seeking second generation new immigrant goodwill ambassador. Registration open until Dec. 20.(12-1)2019-12-02
7Taipei City Revenue Service has created Taxpayer Ombudsman role to protect taxpayer's rights, should you require any assistance please call 02-23949211 ext. 450, 591 for assistance. (11-8) 2019-11-12
8Get fit in five minutes a day! Various language versions of online exercise videos now available (11-6) 2019-11-11
9South Taipei Community Care Stronghold hosting Indonesian Foods - Lemper Ayam on Nov. 23 (11-4)2019-11-01
10Article Submission! The 12th Care Without Border Article Submission is now open to Dec. 31! (11-3)2019-11-01
11The technician for forklift and fixed crane operations are now available to foreign workers. Applicants may request the tests in their native language during registration. (11-2)2019-11-01
122020 Overseas Skill Training Program for New Immigrants and their Offspring winter batch now opens for registration! (11-1)2019-11-01
132019 Beverage Class - New Immigrant Class acceptance list and important notifications (10-16)2019-10-25
14Shilin New Immigrants’ Hall now offering new classes from Oct. 26 to Nov. 16: online marketing, stories and handicrafts, and yoga. Sign up now! (10-13)2019-10-17
15Taipei Family Education Center’s Free Saturday LOHAS Family Seminar is now open for registration: Meeting LGBTQ and Diverse Families (Oct. 19); Talking to Your Kids About Same-Sex Marriage (Nov. 16); New Things for Family Education (10-10)2019-10-14
16Taipei City Department of Labor 2020 Excellent Worker Selection and Outstand Union Selection now open for submission (10-9)2019-10-14
17The National Immigration Agency’s sixth Dream-Building Initiative for New Immigrants and Their Children is open for registration until Oct. 31! (10-8)2019-10-07
18Congratulations On Coming of Age! Shilin District will be hosting the 2019 Love and Courage Coming-of-Age Event: Canoeing on Keelung River on Oct. 19. (10-7)2019-10-07
19Taipei City Zhongzheng District Office hosting Oct. 23 and 28 New Immigrant Coffee Class (10-6)2019-10-07
20South Taipei Community Care Stronghold is hosting An Aromatherapy Date With You (10-5)2019-10-02