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1Taipei City Vocational Development Institute to open Creative Accessory Crafting Class (new immigrants prioritized) between Jan. 5 and Mar. 31, 2021. Registration starts today (11-7)2020-11-28
2National Immigration Agency to host International Migrants Day on Dec. 5 (Saturday) (11-6)2020-11-28
3Wishes, water lanterns, and delicious Vietnamese bún (rice vermicelli) at the 2020 Water Lantern Festival (Nov. 22)(11-5)2020-11-19
4Taipei City Department of Social Welfare Non-Registered New Immigrants Social Benefit Program(11-4)2020-11-17
5Wanhua New Immigrants' Hall to host the New Immigrant Participatory Budgeting Proposal Session: Come to Taipei Tea House event (11-3)2020-11-13
6 South Taipei City New Immigrant Care Stronghold to host Fun Meal Experience – Vietnamese Bún (rice vermicelli)(11-2)2020-11-11
7 Taipei City Employment Service Center to host Foreign Spouse Employment Seminar on Nov. 11(11-1)2020-11-03
8*Eden Social Welfare Foundation hold eco-friendly charity bazaar:"2020 Plant Happiness, Cultivate Loves"(10-5)2020-10-23
9Keelung City Police Bureau launches course "2020 Interpreter Training Workshop" (10-4)2020-10-19
10The Pearl S. Buck Foundation to host Small Investor New Life Tabletop Game Workshop (10-3)2020-10-15
11Eastern Taipei Community Care Stronghold to host New Immigrant Happiness Seminar 3: Protect Children's Rights (10-2)2020-10-08
12Taipei Family Education Center to host Happy Family Seminar on Nov. 14 and Dec. 12. (10-1)2020-10-05
13National Taiwan Museum to host Batik & Lurik Festival 2020 on Oct. 4(9-8)2020-09-25
14Taipei City Simple Petition System: Hello Taipei now provides links to new immigrant friendly pages! (9-7)2020-09-25
15South Taipei Community Care Stronghold to host Fun Meal Experience: Cambodian styled stir-fried pork with lemongrass & hot and sour soup(9-6)2020-09-16
16Join the Taipei City Multicultural Activities: Taipei Masskara Festival on Sep. 20 (Sunday)! (9-4)2020-09-09
17The Pearl S. Buck Foundation to host New Immigrant Empowerment Program presentation on Sep. 23 (Wednesday) (9-3)2020-09-08
18Eden Social Welfare Foundation to host New Immigrant Parent-child Reading Class from Sep. 9 to Oct. 28(9-2)2020-09-08
19Sales and Computer Level C Technician Certificate class for new immigrants registration starts today! (9-1)2020-09-04
20Taipei New-Immigrant Women and Family Service Center to host Middle-aged New Immigrant Support Group: Embracing Menopause for A New Future class between Sep. 12 and Nov. 21. (8-13)2020-08-25