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1The 9th Dream Building Initiative for New Immigrants and Their Children registration deadline extended to December 19, 2022 (Monday) (11-7)2022-11-29
2Water Latern Festival Raohe Street Tourist Night Market Coupon Expiry Reminder (11-6)2022-11-18
3Forum of Hong Kong people migrating to Taiwan with professional Skills (11-5)2022-11-17
42022 "Promotion of New Immigrants Employment"- New Immigrants Achievement Presentation(11-4)2022-11-17
5Building New Nation strength, a Hometown for New Immigrants- Immigration Festival (11-3)2022-11-16
62023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei-New Immigrants Lantern Area Art Creation Workshop is Now Open! (11-2)2022-11-10
7Multiple Vision of Culture Exhibition (11-1)2022-11-10
8"2022 Water Lantern Festival" has been cancelled (10-12)2022-10-30
9Sightseeing and city tour guide training courses (10-11)2022-10-28
102023 Taiwan Lantern Festival Volunteer Recruitment (10-10)2022-10-28
112022 Taipei Water Lantern Festival, 10/30 at 3:00 p.m. at Chengmei Right Bank Riverside Park-Rainbow Bridge. We invite you to release water lanterns together and make a star wish! (10-9)2022-10-26
12Financial Supervisory Commission held 2022 Financial Knowledge Promotion (10-4)2022-10-26
13The 42nd issue of the October 2022 of Taiwan Panorama, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has been published in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. (10-3)2022-10-26
141999 Citizens' Hotline suspends transfer to Wanhua New Immigrant Hall (10-8)2022-10-25
15The application of 2023 Excellent Performance Worker is now open (10-7)2022-10-25
16Guidelines for the 9th New Immigrants and Their Children's Dream Building Program (10-6)2022-10-20
17Intimate Relationship Workshop - Intimate Massage (10-5)2022-10-20
18Hometown Painting - Art Exhibition of New Immigrants (10-2)2022-10-19
192023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei- New Immigrants Lantern Area Art Creation Workshop (10-1)2022-10-12
20People from Mainland China coming to Taiwan to visit relatives will be open soon. (9-10)2022-10-04