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Latest News

1African swine fever discovered in Cambodia – Carrying pork from there will result in a significant fine(4-1)2019-04-15
2Homecoming - a story of new immigrants in Taiwan(3-13)2019-04-11
3The South Taipei New Immigrant Care Stronghold volunteer recruitment (3-12)2019-04-11
4Taipei New Immigration Woman and Family Service Center 2019 support group registration New immigrants are welcome to come and learn new ways to care for themselves and their family members. Two classes are available:(3-11)2019-04-11
5In the case of African swine fever in Vietnam, a violation of the illegal import of pork products from Vietnam will result in a fine of 200,000 yuan. If the foreigner fails to pay the fine, he will be refused entry.2019-03-05
6“All Hands On Deck,” a Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine customs-control public service announcement(1-2)2019-01-19
7African Swine Fever Prevention: Travelers are prohibited from bringing meat products into Taiwan. Violations will result in harsh penalties.(1-1)2019-01-19
8Eden Social Welfare Foundation 2018 New-Immigrant Taiwanese Song Class Registration(3-20)2018-03-22
9National Education Radio New-Immigrant Radio Show Production and Broadcasting Training Registration(3-19)2018-03-22
10Eden Social Welfare Foundation 2018 New-Immigrant Tabletop Board Game Group Registration(3-18)2018-03-22
11Taipei City Employment Services Office 2018 Foreign Spouse Employment Seminar, sign up now.(3-10)2018-03-22
12North Taipei Community Care Stronghold 2018 Advanced Cosmetology Class open for registration.(3-9)2018-03-22
13Taipei City Neihu District 2018 New Immigrant Nail Painting Registration(3-3)2018-03-22
142018 Courses for new immigrants offered by Taipei City Department of Education have started one after another as scheduled. New immigrants are welcome to attend.(1-5)2018-01-17
15Taipei City Government New-Immigrant Care and Counseling Measure Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes(1-4)2018-01-16
16The Foreign National Class Hours and Naturalization Test Score Inquiry functions are now available on the Ministry of the Interior website. (1-3)2018-01-10
17Pay Your Nationality Change Fee Using e-Bill (1-2)2018-01-09
18Letter Wen-xin Order No. 10630315171 Promulgated by the Ministry of Culture on November 15, 2017(11-8)2017-11-28
19Letter Tai-nei-hu Order No. 1061002502 Promulgated by the Ministry of the Interior on September 18, 2017(11-7)2017-11-28
20QTaiwan APP Benefits Migrant Workers and Visitors from Southeast Asia(11-6)2017-11-27