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Latest News

1The National Immigration Agency’s sixth Dream-Building Initiative for New Immigrants and Their Children is open for registration until Oct. 31! (10-8)2019-10-07
2Congratulations On Coming of Age! Shilin District will be hosting the 2019 Love and Courage Coming-of-Age Event: Canoeing on Keelung River on Oct. 19. (10-7)2019-10-07
3Taipei City Zhongzheng District Office hosting Oct. 23 and 28 New Immigrant Coffee Class (10-6)2019-10-07
4South Taipei Community Care Stronghold is hosting An Aromatherapy Date With You (10-5)2019-10-02
5In collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan Panorama magazine covered special contributions to Taiwan by four naturalized citizens in the issue titled “At Home in Taiwan.” 」(10-4)2019-10-01
6The Foundation for International Exchange and Cultural Development is hosting the Southeast and South Asia Culture Seminar: Migrant Workers and Taiwan (10-2)2019-10-01
7Shilin New Immigrants' Hall Opened for Service! (10-1)2019-10-01
8Beverage Class now open to registration!(9-9)2019-09-24
9Don’t wait, join us now! The Taipei City Election Commission and the National Immigration Agency are jointly hosting a New-immigrant Election Voting Simulation event from Sep. 17 to 18(9-7)2019-09-17
10African Swine Fever spreading in Southeastern Asia, Taiwan now checks all carry-on luggage arriving from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei (9-6)2019-09-06
11Foundation for International Exchange and Cultural Development hosting New Immigrants and Taiwan seminar (9-5)2019-09-06
122019 TWN x THAI Mirco Film Festival submission ends on Sep. 30! (9-3)2019-09-03
13Starting today, returning foreign workers can apply for re-entry permit online. (9-2)2019-09-02
14South Taipei City Care Stronghold event: Vietnamese spring roll (8-12)2019-08-22
15Taipei City New Immigrants' Halls African Swine Fever Warning: Keep out ASF, do not purchase and deliver or carry meat products into Taiwan.(8-11)2019-08-22
16Eden Social Welfare Foundation hosting New Immigrant Computer Class (8-10)2019-08-19
17Muslim Friendly Zone established! Come and check it out! (7-17)2019-08-05
18Taipei New-Immigrant Women and Family Service Center hosting New-Immigrant Dance Class (7-14)2019-08-05
19 Zhongzheng District Office organizing New Immigrant Thai Language and Cultural Exchange Seminar (7-12)2019-08-05
20 Taipei City Employment Services Office 2019 Chinese Spouse Employment Seminar round two (7-7))2019-08-05