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1Temporary Suspension of Leasing for the Multifunctional Classroom on the 1st Floor of Wanhua New Immigrants' Hall (5-11)2023-05-26
2Amendments on the regulations for borrowing facilities from the Taipei City Shilin and Wanhua New Immigrants’ Halls (4-14)2023-04-27
3Announcement on Closing Days of Shilin and Wanhua New Immigrant Halls in 2023 (12-5)2023-01-02
4Moderna BA.4/5 Vaccine Now Available for Children (5-10)2023-05-26
5Nangang District Office - New Immigrant Home Organizing Training (5-9)2023-05-26
6Zhongzheng District Office - New Immigrant Creative Steamed Bun and Culinary Entrepreneurship Class (5-8)2023-05-22
7Let’s Go Taipei Shopper Lottery (5-7)2023-05-22
8Shilin District Office - New Immigrant Dance Yoga (5-6)2023-05-12
9Da’an District Office - New Immigrant Advanced Computer Class (5-5)2023-05-12
10New Immigrant Services and Shilin New Street Tour (5-4)2023-05-12
11Fighting Scams: Celebrities United (5-3)2023-05-12
12Fighting Scams: Celebrities United (5-2)2023-05-09
13Intimate Relationship Workshop - Premarital Class (5-1)2023-05-09
14Xinyi District Office 2023 New Immigrant Gold and Diamond Appraisal Class (4-19)2023-05-03
152023 New Immigrant and Migrant Worker Native Language Picture Book Creation Empowerment Program (4-18)2023-05-02
162023 3rd Employment Seminar of the Employment Assistance Program for New Immigrants (4-17)2023-05-02
17Monkeypox Prevention Public Service Announcement (4-16)2023-04-27
18Mother’s Day Celebration - Glory to Mommies (4-15)2023-04-27
19Fight Against Scams Together (4-13)2023-04-25
202023 New Immigrant Basic Creative Floral Design and Handicraft Class (4-12)2023-04-25