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Latest News

1Taipei New Immigration Woman and Family Service Center’s 2019 New Immigrant Second Generation Teamwork Workshop, and Young Summer: New Immigrant Second Generation Fun Camp are open to registration now. (5-15)2019-06-06
22019 Taipei Da’an District Office New Immigrant Computer Class Registration (5-9)2019-05-27
32019 Shilin District Office New-Immigrant Dance Class (5-5)2019-05-27
4Taipei Neihu District Office Easy Yoga for New Immigrants open for registration (4-7)2019-05-17
5Taiwan Migrant Literature Award Lecture Series” organized by National Taiwan Museum(4-4)2019-05-14
6African swine fever discovered in Cambodia – Carrying pork from there will result in a significant fine(4-1)2019-04-15
7In the case of African swine fever in Vietnam, a violation of the illegal import of pork products from Vietnam will result in a fine of 200,000 yuan. If the foreigner fails to pay the fine, he will be refused entry.2019-03-05
8“All Hands On Deck,” a Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine customs-control public service announcement(1-2)2019-01-19
9African Swine Fever Prevention: Travelers are prohibited from bringing meat products into Taiwan. Violations will result in harsh penalties.(1-1)2019-01-19
10Eden Social Welfare Foundation 2018 New-Immigrant Taiwanese Song Class Registration(3-20)2018-03-22
11National Education Radio New-Immigrant Radio Show Production and Broadcasting Training Registration(3-19)2018-03-22
12Eden Social Welfare Foundation 2018 New-Immigrant Tabletop Board Game Group Registration(3-18)2018-03-22
13Taipei City Employment Services Office 2018 Foreign Spouse Employment Seminar, sign up now.(3-10)2018-03-22
14North Taipei Community Care Stronghold 2018 Advanced Cosmetology Class open for registration.(3-9)2018-03-22
15Taipei City Neihu District 2018 New Immigrant Nail Painting Registration(3-3)2018-03-22
162018 Courses for new immigrants offered by Taipei City Department of Education have started one after another as scheduled. New immigrants are welcome to attend.(1-5)2018-01-17
17Taipei City Government New-Immigrant Care and Counseling Measure Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes(1-4)2018-01-16
18The Foreign National Class Hours and Naturalization Test Score Inquiry functions are now available on the Ministry of the Interior website. (1-3)2018-01-10
19Pay Your Nationality Change Fee Using e-Bill (1-2)2018-01-09
20Letter Wen-xin Order No. 10630315171 Promulgated by the Ministry of Culture on November 15, 2017(11-8)2017-11-28