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1Taipei City, New Immigrantion Office at Wanhua District , in the History Exhibition Hall and Art Cultural Rooms , in the second half of 2023 will installed surveillance camera and its location list. 2023-07-07
2How do the public apply for access to video surveillance system data of Taipei New Immigrant’s Hall? 2023-06-08
3The National Immigration Agency 1990 Consultation Hotline for Foreign Nationals Living in Taiwan Now Available!2022-03-15
4Those new immigrants who are promoted to employment up to one month, Via Employment Service Centers of Taipei City may apply for economic subsidies after relative assessment.2017-04-05
5English translation for “Judging Standard of Basic Language Abilities and Common Sense of National Rights and Duties of Naturalized ROC Citizens”。(6-2) 2014-06-18
6There are 9 language versions for “Foreigners’ Application for ROC Nationality Naturalization by Marriage with National Citizens & Residence Registration Process Form”, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Cambodian and Thai.2014-04-19
7To encourage foreigners to participate in the city’s citizenship naturalization test by household registration office of each district, applicants will receive an exquisite little gift. 2014-04-18
8The website, “Formosa New Homeland”, of Workforce Development Agency has “the manual of employment and labor rights for foreign spouse”, there are Chinese, English, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian versions, welcome new immigrants to download and read.2014-03-25
9The usage of “Certificate of ROC Naturalization Candidacy” and “the announcements illustration of ROC Naturalization”2014-03-08
102014 Courses for new immigrants offered by Taipei City Department of Social Welfare have started one after another as scheduled. New immigrants are welcome to attend. 2014-03-04
11“Taipei Card” 2nd generation NHI card point collecting and redeeming services2014-02-22
12Do not touch the wildlife to keep away from rabies2013-08-09
13Voice-based Test Question Database System for the Naturalization Test, Departmet of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government – we provide thoughtful services in three languages of Mandarin, Taiwanese and Hakka. We want to help people who plan to attend the naturalization test gain familiarity with test questions through our test database. Test takers are welcome to make good uses of it.2013-03-01
14“LOVE Makes US Family” series of radio programs, broadcasted in 5 different languages - Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and English. Everyone is cordially invited to listen to these programs.2013-01-20
15The Ministry of Interior has installed the function of “Inquiry on Progress of Cases of Acquiring Citizenship” on the worldwide information network of the Ministry.2013-01-19
16The Juvenile and Family Justice System of R.O.C and Family Proceedings Act (Multilanguage Edition) can be found on the official website of Judicial Yuan R.O.C. for further inquiry.2013-01-15
17From Febrarury 2013, new immigrant labors who are involuntarily unemployed, every child can receive a subsidy from NT$5000 to 26000 for each semester.2012-12-22
18No language barrier. New immigrants can donate breast milk.2012-11-13
19Department of Civil Affairs of Taipei City Government holds naturalization test, foreigners or stateless people are welcome to register and attend.2012-11-06