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1The Occupational Safety and Health Act of Article 6, Paragraph 2, Subparagraph 3 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act pertains to the prevention of bodily or mental unlawful harm suffered in the performance of duties due to the actions of others.2024-05-16
2Single Window for Entrepreneurship Consultation for New Residents2024-05-16
3What level of occupational accidents should be reported? What are the relevant regulations?2024-05-10
4What is the procedure for handling major occupational accidents in the workplace?2024-05-10
5What should you do if you discover that a construction site has not implemented proper safety precautions, posing a risk to worker or public safety?2024-05-10
6What are the regulations that the Occupational Safety and Health Act has regarding workers performing outdoor tasks during typhoons?2024-05-10
7What should employers or workers do if they identify potential risks while performing their duties?2024-05-10
8If an employee is bullied in the workplace, what measures should the employer take? What are the penalties?2024-05-10
9What are the regulations regarding typhoon-related measures in the Taipei City Delivery Platform Self-Government Ordinance?2024-05-10
10If workers are suspected of suffering from occupation-related health issues, or if their physical or mental health has been harmed, to whom should they report?2024-05-10
11What is the amount of the Taipei City labor occupational accident compensation?2024-05-09
12What documents are needed to apply for Taipei City labor occupational accident compensation?2024-05-09
13How to apply for the Taipei City labor occupational accident compensation?2024-05-09
14What should be done if abnormalities are found in employees’ health examination results?2024-05-09
15Can employees refuse to undergo health examinations?2024-05-09
16Where should workers go to undergo health examinations?2024-05-09
17How to report to the health risk ranking management for workers engaged in tasks with special health hazards?2024-05-09
18Who should pay for worker health examinations?2024-05-09
19What are the relevant regulations regarding worker health examinations?2024-05-09
20In what industries should employers schedule health examinations for their employees?2024-05-09