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Where to apply for subsidies with family financial difficulties?

In order to reduce the financial pressures for disadvantaged families of new immigrants, Department of Social Welfare provides new immigrants social subsidies, supports for special-condition families, (mid) low-income households allowances, emergency helps, emergency life assistances for children and juvenile of disadvantaged families and other financial subsidies. It also provides economic assistance of childcare, including childcare subsidies for children of disadvantaged families, preschool education vouchers, infant childcare subsidies for (mid) low-income families, temporary childcare subsidies, partial childcare subsidies for the employed, partial childcare subsidies for families with third or above children, childcare benefits and other financial aids to reduce the childcare burden of new immigrants. You can contact local social welfare service centers. If you need foreign language services, you can contact Taipei New Immigrant Women and Family Service Center. Tel:  02-2558-0133