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Taipei City Youth Development and Family Education Center - Free Seminars (1-2)

The Taipei City Youth Development and Family Education Center's 2024 Professional and Family Collaboration Program includes three main components: Promotional classes, digital classes, and professional and family classes.

Class Topics:

1. How should parents in the digital age act? New parenting method in a world full of electronics.

2. A love triangle between teenagers, internet media, and parents.

3. My Strength Card - Strengths Perspective in Positive Relationship Management

4. Tabletops for Romantic Loves (emotional education through love).

5. Gender identity and respect.

6. Learning about diverse family structures.

Registration Website: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScLLMxMf2_ocPGp09T5zR-iNyzNojgbptRv_sLBFlD-lM7NnQ/viewform