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Domestic Violence Prevention

When you encounter domestic violence, you can follow the instructions:
Call 110 for help to inform the location and incident situation.
After the police receive the case, police officers will go to the site and stop the violence immediately. Depending on the urgency level, the police will apply for temporary protection order on behalf of the victim immediately and take necessary protection measures, such as assistance in medical treatment and referral placement.

*General Situation
˙Go to hospital to diagnose the injuries, get medical treatment and injury diagnosis certificate.
˙Protect yourself and ask for help as soon as possible.
˙Call 110 or 113 for social workers to transfer case to police department, or you can report at every police stations in person.
˙Preserve the relevant evidence, such as injury diagnosis certificate, photos and etc. to apply for protection order at local court of residence or venue.
˙File a charge by laws
. 【Prosecution time limit on Offenses of Causing Bodily Harm: 6 months. 】

* Services of Police Department
˙Commissioners of Police stations and offices will proceed the domestic violence investigation by laws.
˙Preserve evidence, detect and collect evidence and transfer offenders.
˙The necessary safety measures before the protection order is issued, such as safety escort and guard, emergency assistance, assisting in referral emergency placement.
˙Apply for emergency temporary protection order and execution of protection order.
Emergency Case Report Number:110
National Protection Hotline: 113
Foreign Spouse Helpline:0800-024-111

* Services and service hours of Foreign Spouse Helpline
“Foreign Spouse Helpline”:0800-024-111. This hotline is operated in five languages, such as English, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Khmer and Thai. It provides foreign spouses with consultation services of domestic violence, sexual assault prevention, children and juvenile protection and etc.

Hotline Service Hours of difference languages:


Service Hours

English、Khmer、Thai、Bahasa Indonesia




Sources: Women’s and Children’s Protection Division of Taipei City Police Department