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Can I apply for benefits after pregnancy?

Subsidy programs for pregnant immigrant women with spouses who are registered Taipei City residents:

(1) Down Syndrome Screening:

Pregnant new immigrant women can apply for one of the following screening subsidies:

9-13 weeks pregnant: NT$2,200 subsidy

14-20 weeks pregnant: NT$1,000 subsidy

(2) Genetic Diagnosis Tests and Counseling for Prenatal Screening:

High-risk pregnant women can receive a NT$5,000 subsidy for amniocentesis testing.

(3) Prenatal Examination Fees for New Immigrants Not Yet Covered by the National Health Insurance:

Each pregnant new immigrant can receive a NT$1,595 subsidy. For more information, please visit https://born.taipei/cp.aspx?n=5E6FB49CBE1207E0

(4) Taipei City Maternity Taxi 2U Service Special Vehicles:

A maternity card and NT$8,000 worth of electronic transportation credits will be provided by Taipei City. For more information, please visit https://born.taipei/cp.aspx?n=D98ABCB51B230AAE