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Can I apply for benefits after pregnancy?

The benefits for new immigrant pregnant women whose spouses register their households in Taipei: (1)Down’s syndrome screening for pregnant women:Those who are pregnant for 9-13 weeks will be subsidized with NT$2200 (inspection fee) or pregnant for 14-20 weeks with NT$1000 (inspection fee). Either one can be subsidized. (2)Provide Prenatal genetic diagnosis and consultation: high-risk pregnant women can be subsidized for NT$2000. (Inspection fee of Amniotic Fluid Analysis) (3)Prenatal inspection fee before new immigrants register households without National Health Insurance: Each fetus can be subsidized up to 5 times, each time for NT$600. (4)Beta Strep Testing allowance for pregnant women between 35th weeks to 37th weeks:each case for NT$500.