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Can children get free Pneumonia vaccination? Can we apply if we live in China for jobs but have households registered in Taiwan?

(1)From 2nd January 2012, 1~5 year-old children with 0~6 years children medicaid card of Department of Health can get free inoculation of Streptococcus pneumonia at authorized medical institutions, except that registration and examination fees should be paid by regulations of National Health Insurance. It is recommended to take inoculations at health service centers to reduce the costs. (Note: The government provides free inoculations for high-risk group and children of low-income households under the age of 5. )

(2)Taipei City Children’s Medicaid Program provides grants-qualified 0~6 years old children and families with third or above children with allowances of partial fees on outpatient services, emergency, hospitalization and health examinations. This is not restricted to resident locations.