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My Mexican-Style New Year By Roa Reyes Alberto (Mexican new immigrant)

My Mexican-Style New Year
By Roa Reyes Alberto (Mexican new immigrant)
  A New Immigrant Diary: My Mexican-Style New Year

I am a soccer coach from Mexico and have spent many years teaching soccer in Taipei. I am very glad that I was able to become part of Taiwan through my family, experience the traditions of new year celebration, and get to know the family of my students. When celebrating a new year, it is all about having a big celebration for Taiwanese. New year celebration is the same in Mexico, but we do it differently compare to Taiwan.
     People around the world welcome new years with their own unique customs. In Mexico, we eat grapes to usher in the new year. When the bells that announced the new year struck, everyone will try to eat 12 grapes in one minute, each grape repents a wish for each of the month. We pray that every month of the new year will be smooth sailing from the beginning to the end. Another custom is put on different color underwear, as different color might determine the fortune of the new year. When the new year bells ring out, people who seek romance will wear red underwear, and those that wish to get rich will wear yellow underwear.
During new year’s celebration, every family in Mexico would host a great celebration. We would invite family and friends to our homes and celebrate new years with us, share burrito and chili, and chat over foods and dance joyously. Or go to town squares and celebrate on the streets, and count down to the new year. (photo 1 and 2).
     The biggest public celebration event is always in Mexico City. In Mexico City, large street art festivals are hosted every year, and the main events are mainly congregated around the main square of the city. During the celebration, loud firecrackers and joyous shuts would fills the city, and people would dance and laugh together while whishing each other a happy new year.
     No matter where you are, whether you are in Taipei or Mexico. For this brand new year, let us throw away all worries, sadness and unpleasantness, and embrace true happiness.

 A New Immigrant Diary: My Mexican-Style New Year