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●Students over the age of 15 and who meet one of the following criteria are eligible for registration:
1. Graduated from an elementary school (primary school).
2. Completed all academic courses of upper elementary grades from a continuation elementary school, passed the qualification test, and received the certificate of qualification.
3. Completed all academic courses of upper elementary grades from a continuation elementary school or fulfilled the amount of time required, received a certificate of graduation or a passing certificate.
4. Academic level is equivalent to an elementary graduate, passed the Home School Certification Test and received the certification.
5. Completed 5 academic years of elementary school (or primary school) with passing grades but dropped out for more than a year, possesses a certificate indicating the student has completed the classes (the student can be admitted at the equivalent level).
6. Has other relevant academic qualifications, has been reviewed by an individual school and approved for admission.
◎Note: There is no age limit for continuation middle school.

● Contact information of continuation schools:
1 Songshan District: Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Junior High School,Telephone:27126701
2 Xinyi District: Taipei Municipal Xingya Junior High School, Telephone:27232771
3 Da’an District: Daan Junior High School,Telephone:27557131
4 Zhongshan District: Bei An Junior High School,Telephone :25333888
5 Zhongzheng District: Taipei Municipal Hongdao Junior HighSchool ,Telephone :23715520
6 Datong District: Taipei Min-Quan Junior High School,Telephone :25931951
7 Wanhua District: Wanhua Junior High School, Taipei ,Telephone :23394567
8 Wenshan District: Taipei Municipal Mu Zha Junior High School,Telephone :29393031
9 Nangang District: Taipei Municipal Nan Gang High School, Telephone :27837863
10 Neihu District: Taipei Municipal Nei-Hu Junior High School, Telephone:27900843
11 Shilin District: Taipei Municipal Shilin Junior High School, Telephone :88613411
12 Beitou District: Taipei Beitou Junior High School, Telephone :28912091