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     On the first day of May, Hawaii celebrates a traditional holiday known as Lei Day. On this day, exciting cultural and folk activities take place throughout the Hawaiian Islands to honor this special occasion. The Hawaiian lei is a vibrant and beautiful garland made of elegant flowers such as orchids, plumerias, tuberose, roses, or carnations. Hawaiians present these lei to family and friends as a way to express peace, friendship, honor, and welcome.

     In Hawaii, these beautiful and fragrant lei are also used for many special occasions such as birthdays, graduation ceremonies, and various celebratory events. Lei conveys deep wishes and care from the giver to the receiver. Each island in Hawaii has its own representative flowers, and the lei is embellished with various natural materials such as leaves, twigs, fruits, shells, leather, and feathers. Hawaiians either hand-weave these lei themselves or have them custom-made at lei shops to give as gifts, a local custom similar to how people order bouquets of flowers from a flower shop. If you go out of your way to order a lei as a gift for someone from Hawaii, it will be seen as a thoughtful gesture from a gift giver.