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Chinese Learning Websites


1. National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center: information on contemporary Chinese curriculum.

Website : NTNU Mandarin Training Center (open a new window)


2. National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center: Chinese e-curriculum (6 volumes). Three volumes on oral training and three volumes on writing.

Website : NTNU Chinese e-curriculum (open a new window)


3. MEM RISE: Basic Chinese phrases and Bopomofo

Website : MEM RISE (open a new window)


4. All Set Learning: Explains Chinese grammar

Website : All Set Learning (open a new window)


5. Mandarin Chinese Listening Training: A Chinese listening training website built by National Taiwan Normal University Department of Chinese as a Second Language, and a research team. The website categorize over 20 Chinese accents, including the sounds of different male and female at different age groups. Furthermore, the website provides comparison of different Chinese accents around the world, allowing users to compare different accents.

Website : Mandarin Chinese Listening Training (open a new window)



Chinese Learning App (Android)

1. Pleco Chinese Dictionary

2. Learn Chinese for Beginners

3. Happy Chinese

4. Learn Chinese – Hello Chinese

5. Learn Languages with Memrise

6. Moedict.tw

7. Chinese Handwriting Practice APP