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Service hours: Monday to Friday 9:00~1700

Department of Social Welfare
1. Subsidy of national health insurance premiums for low-income households - 1999 (outside of Taipei : 02-27208889)ext. 1610-1612
2. Early medical care services of developmentally delayed children -(02)27568852
3. Subsidy for new immigrants supporting projects of civil groups -1999 (outside of Taipei : 02-27208889)ext. 6969~71

Department of Education
1. Information of elementary supplementary schools entrance, adults basic education workshops, community college programs
-1999 (outside of Taipei : 02-27208889)ext. 1216

Department of Health
1. Information of newly-wed visits, postpartum visits, subsidy for prenatal inspection, subsidy of genetic health
-1999 (outside of Taipei : 02-27208889)ext. 7118

Department of Labor
1. Vocational Training - (02)28721940ext.214,288
2. Employment Service -2308-5231ext.716(Foreigners)2308-5231ext.703(China)

Department of Civil Affairs
1. Nationality, laws of households and identification cards -1999 (outside of Taipei : 02-27208889)ext. 6261

Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics
1. Statistics analysis of new immigrants for population overview, the employment, education and culture, parenting and etc.- 1999 (outside of Taipei : 02-27208889) ext. 7632

Department of Secretariat
 1. Legal consultation service -1999 (outside of Taipei : 02-27208889) ext. 6162

Department of Culture Affairs
1. Arts grants -1999 (outside of Taipei : 02-27208889)ext. 3527

Department of Information and Tourism
1. Recreation and food attractions of Taipei -1999 (outside of Taipei : 02-27208889) ext. 3343

Police Department
1. Foreign Affairs Division of Police Department (police clearance certificate)- 02-2381-7494、02-2375-2105
2. Women’s and Children’s Protection Division -02-2759-2016、2759-0827

Department of Civil Servant Development
1. Program enquiry of Taipei e-Campus-2932-0212 ext. 552
  Districts Offices of Taipei City

1. Songshan District Office-8787-8787

2. Xinyi District Office-2723-9777

3. Daan District Office-2351-1711

4.Zhongshan District Office-2503-1369

5. Zhongzheng District Office-2341-6721

6. Datong District Office-2597-5323

7. Wanhua District Office-2306-4468

8. Wenshan District Office-2936-5522

9. Nangang District Office-2783-1343

10. Neihu District Office-2792-5828

11.Shilin District Office-2882-6200

12. Beitou District Office-2891-2105

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