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Monkeypox Prevention Public Service Announcement (4-16)

Monkeypox is a disease caused by the monkeypox virus, belonging to the group of zoonotic diseases. It is part of the same viral family as smallpox, with similar symptoms but a lower severity. Monkeypox is rarely fatal.  The virus is transmitted to humans through infected wild animals, such as lemurs, monkeys, mice and squirrels, and other primates and rodents.

Monkeypox viruses can be divided into Central African (Congo Basin) and West African strains. The 2022 monkeypox outbreak was primarily caused by the West African strain, which has a fatality rate of about 0.1%. Although this rate is lower than smallpox (1-10%), it can still be fatal to immunocompromised individuals and children. The rash caused by monkeypox can be painful and uncomfortable. It is important to reduce the risk of transmission between animals and humans, as well as between humans, to prevent infection.