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The 49th issue of "Taiwan Guanghua Magazine" bimonthly trilingual edition in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia (12-7)

◈"Common Topic": Using "Taiwan's Street Code" as the cover theme, it introduces the atmosphere and cultural clues of the times displayed by Taiwan's street scenes from the changes in four architectural materials such as grilles, signboards, grindstones, and tiles.

◈ "Understanding Taiwan" section: The article "The Time-honored Meinong Hakka Village: Rich Nostalgia and Perseverance of People" reports on the cultural and historical context and industrial development of Meinong, and introduces the unique local Hakka town "Meinong". concentrated".

◈"Southeast Asia Special Planning" unit: "Exotic fusion." The article "Diverse Dance Arts: Dance in Taiwan" reports on new resident He Mu, who is good at Egyptian twirling dance, and Indian dancer Liu Xuanzhen, introducing the integration of exotic dances with local Taiwanese culture, showing Taiwan's rich and diverse culture.

◈The electronic journals of "Guanghua" in various languages have been uploaded to the official website one after another

(https://www. Taiwan-panorama.com.tw) for online