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Taipei City New Immigrants' Halls African Swine Fever Warning: Keep out ASF, do not purchase and deliver or carry meat products into Taiwan.(8-11)

To prevent the spread of African Swine Fever, Taipei City Department of Civil Affairs, Animal Protection Office and the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Keelung Branch organized three events on August 18 at Taipei City New Immigrants' Halls to publicly promote the importance of not bringing pork  into Taiwan. The events targeted new immigrant families from Thailand, Cambodia, and China. Those who bring meat into Taiwan will receive a fine between NT$200,000 and NT$1 million. Other discussions, such as whether it is okay to bring in other meat products or eggs, were also held at the events.
ASF is an acute malignant infectious disease that is transmitted by virus and affects domestic pigs and wild boars. Pigs of all breeds and ages can be infected, and the mortality rates may be as high as 100%. Currently seven Asian countries have experienced outbreaks, including China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea, Laos, and Myanmar.
African Swine Fever virus can survive for long periods of time (100 days in refrigerated meat, 1,000 days in frozen meat, and 1 month in a pigsty), and no vaccine is available at present. The virus is a major threat to the pig-farming industry in Taiwan. Per Taiwan regulations, bringing pork products into Taiwan from ASF-infected areas is illegal. First-time violators will receive an NT $200,000 fine; a second offense will result in an NT$1 million fine. Foreign travelers who do not pay the fine will be refused entry.
Taipei City Department of Civil Affairs urges new immigrants not to order pork products online and have them delivered to Taiwan via mail. Also, when new immigrants return to their countries of origin, they should refrain from visiting pig farms and ranches, and they must not bring pork products back to Taiwan. The Department of Civil Affairs will continue to advocate for ASF prevention and display related information at New Immigrants' Halls.