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Intervention service subsidy for developmentally delayed children



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Intervention service subsidy for developmentally delayed children

Content of service:

1. Transportation subsidy:
Children can have the early intervention training covered by National Health Insurance in the contracted medical units of Department of Health, Taipei City Government or in clinics that participated in pilot project of early intervention community and public health medical group. It is calculated under the same medical service category, at NT$200 per day.

2. Intervention training fee:
Children can go through self-paid intervention training in disabled social welfare organizations or early intervention organizations registered in Taipei City or New Taipei City. Subsidy for the intervention assistance trainings is calculated in accordance with trainee’s self-paid expenses.

3. Subsidies for intervention trainings and transportation are calculated together as one item. The monthly subsidies can go up as high as NT$3,000 per person for general households, and NT$5,000 per person for low-income households.

Service target:
(1)Households registered in Taipei City (hereafter referred to as the city) with case reported to the city Early Intervention Reporting and Referral Center for Developmentally Delayed Children.

(2)Children under school age with developmental delays or disabilities; Children who have reached school age with developmental delays or disabilities; Children approved for delayed school entry after evaluation by the Placement Assistance Commission.

The aforementioned “children with developmental delays” refers to those who hold comprehensive reports issued by United Evalution Center that is sponsored and established by Department of Health, Executive Yuan or those who hold reports issued by evaluating hospitals approved by every county (city) government (period of validity is identified according to the expiration date of the report), as well as those who hold the certificate of developmental delays (valid for one year from the date of issue); the term “children with disability” refer to those who hold Physical and Mental Disability Handbook issued (re-issued) or noted by the city.

(3)Those who didn’t receive subisidies for the disabled, those who didn’t receive childcare subsidy for the disabled from the city, and those who didn’t receive payments related to the subsidized early intervention with the “Medical Subsidy Project for Low-income Households and Underprivileged Children and Youths” granted by Ministry of the Interior.

Households must be registered in the city

Division of Welfare Services for the Disabled, Department of Social Welfare
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