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Foreign spouse and nationals married to apply for naturalization, how to apply for naturalized ROC citizenships for minor children borne with former foreign partners?

1. Legal basis: Nationality Law and its enforcement rules
2. Application procedures:
Minors with foreign nationalities or statelessness whose father, mother, adoptive father, or adoptive mother is now an ROC citizen and resides legally inside the territory of ROC (even if living in ROC for less than 3 years), and does not possess considerable property, professional skills for self-reliance, proof of livelihood security, basic national language skill, or common understanding of national rights and obligations can apply for naturalized ROC citizenship. An applicant shall provide a certificate of loss of original nationality within one year from the day of the Ministry of the Interior’s permission for naturalization, or from the day on which a person who, under the law of his or her country of origin can only lose the original nationality upon reaching a certain age, reaches that age. For an applicant who fails to submit the certificate by the end of that period, the permission for naturalization shall be cancelled, except for those who are allowed to extend the time limits because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has verified that the applicant cannot provide the loss of original nationality due to the law or administrative procedures of the country of origin.
3. Application procedures:
Underage individuals must apply through a parent, a legal proxy, or a legal guardian to a Household Registration Office in the area of current residence. The application can be sent to a city or county government and forwarded to the Ministry of the Interior.

4.Required documents:
1. Applicant naturalization form.
2. Valid Alien Resident Certificate or Alien Permanent Resident Certificate.
3. Police criminal record certificate issued by country of origin, or other relevant documents (not required for those under 14 years old).
4. Submit a proof of consent from parents or legal guardian.
5.Certificate of marital status.
6. Birth Certificate and proof of parent-child relationship.
7.1 photo (specifications in accordance with national identity card photo specifications.)
8. Certificate fee (charged per the existing provision; please pay with a postal order and mark the payee as the Ministry of the Interior).
9. Other relevant documents.

​Documents issued overseas shall be verified by the ROC’s overseas representative office and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Documents issued by any foreign embassy or authorized agency in Taiwan shall be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Documents written in foreign languages shall have attached Chinese translations verified by ROC’s overseas representative office and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or verified by a notary.