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How do the public apply for access to video surveillance system data of Taipei New Immigrant’s Hall?

1.    The general public (i.e. person concerned or interested parties) or other non-investigative agencies who need to consult the image data recorded and stored by the video surveillance system of the police station in order to discover criminal suspicions or other illegal acts, etc., may follow the " Article 12 of the Taipei Municipal Video Surveillance System Installation and Management Autonomy Regulations, Article 46 of the Administrative Procedure Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Personal Data Protection Law, and Taipei City Government Police Station Video and Video Data Processing and Utilization Points " and other relevant laws and regulations.

2.    Submit application to the local police station and fill in the "Application Form for Access to Video Surveillance System", and after reviewing and approving the reasons for the access, the personnel assigned by the police station will then accompany a review of video surveillance system. In principle, only the images can be viewed and cannot be copied for self-storage, if it is found that there are materials that can be used as evidence, evidence preservation shall be carried out in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

3.    The public can also go to the public service platform to apply for viewing the images of the Video Surveillance System.