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The Sanja Matsuri is one of the Three Great Festivals of Edo. It is an iconic event in Japan. The festival takes place in the Asakusa area, it is considered the most vibrant festival of the year, making it a must-visit event in early summer. During the festival, there are various stalls and lively parades. The whole Asakusa area becomes immersed in the frenzy and festivity of the Sanja Matsuri.

The official name of the Sanja Matsuri is Asakusa Jinja Reitaisai. The term 'Reitaisai' refers to the most important ritual event held by each Japanese shrines. The Asakusa Jinja Reitaisai is the most significant event at Asakusa Shrine, held annually on the third weekend of May and lasting for three days.

One of the most well-known aspects of the Sanja Matsuri is the carrying of elaborately decorated mikoshi(portable Shinto shrines) by many participants. It is said that the Sanja Matsuri mikoshi used to be transported on boats sailing on the Sumida River during the late Kamakura period, a practice known as funatogyo, before evolving into the current tradition of being carried by people.


The organizer of the Sanja Matsuri is Asakusa Shrine, a Japanese Shinto shrine. Adjacent to Asakusa Shrine is the famous tourist attraction 'Senso-ji Temple,' which is actually a Buddhist temple.

The reason for the juxtaposition of these two religious facilities is due to the Japanese practice of shinbutsu-shūgō (syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism), which integrates and allows for the coexistence of Shintoism and Buddhism introduced from abroad. Therefore, it is common in Japan to see shrines and temples neighboring each other. However, it is quite rare to see them as closely situated as Asakusa Shrine and Senso-ji Temple.