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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention

If you encounter domestic violence unfortunately, for your own safety, besides call 110 to report to the police or 113 national protection hotline as soon as possible, you can also call foreign spouses consultation hotline for help. This hotline offers help in different languages by periods, including relevant care and consultation services of life adaption, educational culture, employment service, health care, personal safety, children's education, residence, settlement, laws and so on.

1. 1990 Consultation Hotline for Foreign Nationals provides 24 hours services in Chinese, English and Japanese. 

2. Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and Khmer are available from 9:00 to 17:00 every Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

National protection hotline: 113(24-hour service)

Sexual Harassment Prevention

When someone performs discrimination or harassing physical behaviors, uses sex as exchange conditions, or words or attitude of humiliation, derogatory, hostility and etc. Please call the number and let professional staff help you.

Sexual harassment complaint hotline: 113