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New immigrants family case counseling
If you have difficulties in life and require the assistance of social resources, we have many units and professional staff to Help-me family education helpline.

˙Taipei New Immigrant Women and Family Service Center:2558-0133
˙Every Women and Family Service Center in Taipei City
˙Every Social Welfare Service Center in Taipei City
˙Taipei City Service Stations of National Immigration
˙Agency:23889393 ext.3103
˙Foreign Spouses Helpline:0800-024-111
˙Eden Social Welfare Foundation (services for foreign new immigrants):25777663
˙Chinese Association for Relief and Ensuing Services (services for new immigrants from Mainland China) :23935943
˙Straits Exchange Foundation foreign spouses care hotline:27189995
˙Taipei City family education center— Help me family education helpline:(02)2541-9981
˙Taipei Community Mental Health Center Advisory Direct Line: (02)3393-7885

Foreign Language Counseling
When you experience problems of life adaption, communication between husband and wife, parenting, language study, household registration and etc., you do not know how to handle them, we have professional staff to guide you through communication.
˙Taipei New Immigrant Women and Family Service Center:5580133 ( Foreign language helpline: 25580119)
˙Taipei City New Immigrants’ Hall:(Nangang Dist. 27884911, Wanhua Dist. 23701046)
˙Foreign spouses helpline:0800-024-111
˙Eden Social Welfare Foundation:25777663
˙Department of Labor of Taipei City Government, Foreign Labors Counseling Center::25502151

Please check the website of Department of Social Welfare of Taipei City Government for more information