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◆Wanhua New Immigrants’ Hall

171 Changsha Road, Sec. 2, Wanhua District, Taipei City



【Traffic Information】:

*By Bus
Station Name: Zushi Temple Stop or Kangding Road Stop
Bus Lines of 205, 218, 218(Straight), 231, 232, 234, 242, 264, 302, 32, 513, 527, 601, 62, 624, 635, 635(Sub), 637, 658, 663, 701, 702, 703, 703(Sub), 705, 835, 9
B2Station Name: Changsha St.,Kangding Rd. Bus Lines of 49,527.
For actual bus routes please visit (http://www.5284.com.tw/)

Station Name: Longshan Temple Station of Bannan Line
After walking out from MRT station, walk straight along Ho-Ping West Road to

Kang-Ding Road,
then turn left to Chang-Sha Street intersection, and then walk about 10 minutes.

*By Train
Station Name: Wanhua railway Station
After walking out from the railway station, walk straight along Kang-Ding Road
to the intersection of Chang-Sha Street, and then walk about 10 minutes.