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Fun Taipei

Going out for a walk with families on the weekend will not only make you relax, but also get to know more about the city you live in. There are quite a lot of attractions in Taipei City. You can reach there by foot or public transportations. Taipei has lots of national premier places, such as National Palace Museum with worldwide famous and profound Chinese Traditional relics. Secondly, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Discovery Center of Taipei and the National Museum of History are worth a visit. There are many open green spaces and parks in Taipei City, such as Daan Park, Guandu Natural Park and etc. If you want to climb mountains, there is special volcanic terrain in Yanmingshan National Park or you can enjoy the comforts of hot spring in Beitou. You can also take children to Taipei City Zoo. More attractions are available on TAIPEI TRAVEL NET (open a new window)

Museum National Palace Museum, Miniature Museum of Taiwan, National Museum of History, Discovery Center of Taipei …

City Park Daan Park, Guandu Natural Park, Xinsheng Park, Yanmingshan National Park…

For the whole family Taipei City Zoo, Taipei Children’s Recreation Center, Baby Boss Job Experience Center…

Library Beitou Library

The existing Metro Route Map (open a new window)

Taipei Travel Net, Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government (open a new window)