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To explore and develop the Southeast Asian tourism market, new immigrants (from Southeast Asia) graduating from senior high (vocational) schools may participate in the General examination in tourist guide of specialized profession technical staff conducted by the Ministry of Examination ROC by obtaining practice certificate. They can then enter the tourist guide human resource market.
Content for the test for spouses of new immigrants is as follows:

1 Qualification: Should have graduated from public/private senior high school/ Senior Vocational School and higher (with graduation certificate).

Note : Candidates who have studied abroad may submit their graduation certificate or other relevant documents for verification. All original and hard copies verified by embassies and the Chinese translation copies or those audited by notary public in Taiwan be submitted.

2 There are two forms of the test, one is written and the other oral. Those who qualify in the first written test only are eligible to take the second oral test. Qualification for the first test will not be reserved.

3 Languages: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay (a total of 13 languages).

Regulations governing General Test for Specialized Vocational and Technical Personnel---Test for Tour Guide can be found here:Test for Tour Guide