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Adapt to each other’s habits
When living together, some minor trivial life “habits” will become the focus of quarrels. Different hobbies and habits also cause the difficulties in getting along between husband and wife. If both parties can respect each other and communicate well, it will help newly wed couples on integrations in life.

The unity of two families
Married life is not only a simple relationship between husband and wife or parents and children, but also takes efforts to maintain good relationships with parents of both sides and siblings of both parties. Problems of relations between members usually occurring within a family and ways to resolve these problems are usually the indicators if a marital relationship is happy. Marital unity is not only about two people but two families. It relies on the wisdom of both husband and wife on how to make two families, previously without any interaction before but now due to their marital union, produce a wider human resource network and not to create more troubles and quarrels in life.

Sincere communication creates good quality of marriage
“Communication” is not limited to text or language, sometimes a smile or a hug can express more than a thousand words. As long as you are devoted, leaving a note at any time, or thinking of each other first when you have anything to share, your partner will surely notice your affection and care. Way of communication is also very important. If you only express your emotions but ignore the feelings of your partner, the effect of communication is also greatly reduced. Sometimes think of your partner in his/her point of view, maybe two people can find the solutions together and truly reach the state of “husband and wife with one heart”.