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(Wanhua New Immigrants’ Hall)


1.Service counter.

Volunteers and Vietnamese/Thai/Indonesian/English interpreters provide on-site and telephone consultation during opening hours.

Computer classroom

2.Computer classroom

A facility that provides digital learning classes and computer equipment.


3. Administrative office

For use by Wanhua New Immigrants' Hall staff and administrative personnel.

Magazine area

4.Magazine area

Provides magazines from Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines; newspapers from Thailand and China; and an English newspaper.


5. Consultation room

For use by new immigrants for on-site consultation.



6. Children’s play area

A space for children to play and read. This space allows new immigrant parents to participate in activities and classes without having to worry about their children.


7.Multifunctional classroom

For new immigrants to share their cultures, to rest, and to bond with each other.

Study room.

8.Study room.

Used for meeting discussions, classes and an audio visual room.

Grand Hall.

9.Grand Hall.

A venue for hosting diverse cultural events, seminars, performances, and movie screenings.

Breastfeeding Room.

10.Breastfeeding Room.

A private and comfortable space for breastfeeding; contains a baby changing station, sofa, refrigerator, and more.

Multifunctional Art and Culture Studio

11. Art and culture studio

The studio is a dedicated space for new immigrants to socialize, host events and dance. The studio also has a stage and a big mirror for public use.

New Immigrants' Hall Facilities (Shilin)


1. Service area

During open hours, Shilin New Immigrants’ Hall provides on-site and telephone consultation services in various languages including Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and English.


2. Children's play area

A cozy space for children to play, allowing new immigrant parents to attend classes without having to worry about their children.


3. Dance studio

The studio has a hardwood floor that has enough space for dance practices, small performances, or classes for groups of 5-8 people.


4. Multifunctional classroom

This classroom provides a space for meetings and various classes.


5. Exhibition room

The exhibition room provides a space for multicultural exhibitions and book reading, or for hosting small seminars.